About Us

Hi! Thanks for wanting to get to know us!

We hope you love this website as much as we do. We are just a couple designers and marketing gurus that have been designing and coming up with concepts for over a decade and a half. We are located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We always love making things for friends, family, colleagues, various size businesses, etc. and decided to take this show on the road with a few designs that make us chuckle and a whole lot of motivation.

The purpose of this site is to deliver funny, motivational, random and fitness-inspired items to the masses. Each item on this site is handmade and production begins shortly after you complete your order. We enjoy putting the time in to create designs and letting our imagination run wild. Feel free to contact us with any ideas you'd like to see and your idea may end up on our page at some point! We are always creating and having a blast doing it. 

We also have the ability to do custom work. Curious what that entails? Drop us a line and provide as much detail as possible about what you want created (even down to business cards, logos, company apparel, etc.).

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy shopping!